How did Commodus die?

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  1. Commodus was a Roman emperor who reigned alongside his father, Marcus Aurelius. His father’s death in 180 made him the sole emperor until 192. His reign was considered to be the last of the Golden Age of the Roman Empire.

    Commodus was born on 31 August in 161. He also had a twin brother who died at a very young age of 3 years old. In 166 Commodus along with his younger brother was made Caesar. His younger brother also died in 169 as a result of a failed operation. Commodus then became the youngest Roman consul and later co-emperor with his father. Great attention was given to his health and education. He was treated for most of his common illnesses by his father’s physician. He received several teachers for his education, based highly off of intellectual thought.

    Commodus was known as the first to be born during his father’s reign and was the first biological heir after the Five Good Emperors whose heirs had been adopted. He quickly rose to power, from Imperator and then earning the title Augustus in 177. This gave him the ability to enjoy the same power as his father who was the currently reigning emperor. On 1st January, Commodus was made Consul. The youngest in Roman history, at the age of 15. He married Bruttia Crispina before accompanying his father on another journey. Commodus’ father died on this trip to Danubian and left him as the sole heir and emperor at the age of 18.

    Compared to his father, Commodus’ reign saw fewer wars. Instead, it was involved in many more political battles. Commodus was popular among his people and the army through his participation in gladiatorial battles. However, his senators came to hate him and he was assassinated on 31st December 192 AD.

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