How did Chris Farley Die?

How did Chris Farley Die?

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  1. Chris Farley was a renowned comedian and actor who was involved in several theatre productions, movies, and comedy shows. He is well known for his role in Beverly Hills Ninja. Farley had several issues that led to his demise.

    The comedian was a known alcoholic and he also had no control over his drug use. His addictions led to him being suspended from many of his gigs. Farley realized his issues and even spent time in rehabilitation centers but to no avail. He would get back on the bandwagon as soon as he got it. It was hard for the actor to sober up and move on with his life. By 1997 he was not doing so well health-wise. He was out of breath and couldn’t speak properly in his Saturday Night Live show.

    The comedian was reportedly also in depression due to his addictions and he got treatment for obesity and/or alcoholism. However, nothing worked for Chris Farley and he was found dead in his home by his brother on December 18, 1997.

    The actor was only 33 years old at the time of his death. It was discovered in his autopsy that he had died of an overdose by consuming large amounts of cocaine and morphine. His stomach and the digestive system showed traces of illicit drugs. However, the autopsy also claims to say that Chris was fairly close to getting a heart attack due to the thinning of his arteries. His obesity and unhealthy life choices made it difficult for his body to continue any further and as a result, he succumbed to them.

    Chris Farley was awarded a Hollywood Walk of Fame star after his death which is a testament to his legacy.     

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