How did charles manson die?

How did charles manson die?

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  1. Charles Manson was a famous criminal and was also regarded as a cult leader. He formed a group of people that was later known as the Manson family. The family committed a series of murders in 1969. The reason behind them is unknown, though officials believed Manson wanted to start a race war. He was later convicted of first-degree murder. Although it was argued that he never really ordered the murders but his influence was deemed enough to lead his followers to the murders.

    Before forming a cult following, Manson was a barely known Los Angeles singer and songwriter. A chance encounter with the Beach Boys presented Manson with an opportunity to record his songs. He recorded a song titled Never Learn Not to Love but was never credited for it. Manson held an obsession with the Beatles, particularly their 1968 album. He claimed that it was their lyrics which inspired and guided him to form his cult gathering.

    Though he was a criminal and had been convicted of murder, his songs gained some popularity later on.

    Manson was a trouble maker since an early time in his life. At the age of nine, he set fire to his school. He was also responsible for small thefts.  At the age of 13, Manson was placed in a school for delinquents. It was a strict facility run by Catholic priests and offered punishments even for slight misbehavior. He ran away from the school to his mother who sent him back. Later, he ran away and committed his first known crime of robbing a grocery store. After this event, Manson spent his life committing various crimes and attending correctional facilities.

    Manson died while serving a sentence in prison. He was rushed to the hospital but died by cardiac arrest as a result of respiratory failure and colon cancer on November 19.


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