How did Caleb Leblanc die?

How did Caleb Leblanc die?

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  1. Caleb Leblanc, better known as Caleb Logan Bratayley was a young Youtuber who rose to fame in a very short amount of time. Just as quickly, he left it all behind with his death in October 2015. The untimely death of this young star rattled many including his family and all his fans spread worldwide.

    Caleb was born on July 13th, 2002. His charming, baseball-loving personality enraptured viewers instantly and led to him having a huge fan following. He was part of the YouTube family, The Bratayleys. The channel featured Caleb and his parents along with his two sisters Hayley Noelle and Juliana Grace ( better known as Annie) and gained about 3 million subscribers. The children were home-schooled and the vlogs consisted of their daily adventures. The channel was originally started for his sister Hayley and the name Bratayley came from a nickname of hers. However, it soon became a well-known name as the rest of her family joined and the channel grew. Although, this was not the only channel that Caleb was part of.

    Caleb was a great big brother, constantly supporting his sisters and taking the time to teach them baseball. His loving and witty personality made him a lovable person for people all around the globe.

    On October 3rd  it was announced that Caleb had died due to natural causes. It was later clarified that he had died of a heart condition known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. A condition that causes the fat around the heart to expand and is a common cause for cardiac arrest among young people. His final video which announced his passing was titled “Dear Future Self” and consisted of Caleb answering a question by a fan and asking a few of his own. He signed off with “See you tomorrow.” Unaware of the tragic fate in store for him.

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