How did Cain Kill Abel?

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  1. Cain and Abel are prominent historic, biblical figures. They appear in several religions from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

    Cain and Abel are said to be the sons of Adam and Eve. Similar to their names Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. Cain was the one to commit the first murder in history. He was the elder brother and it was his jealousy and lust which drove him to murder his younger brother.

    Some theories suggest that Cain and Abel are merely symbolic figures used as a means to teach a lesson to humanity and never existed in real life.

    The most detail about the incident which led Cain to kill his shepherd brother is provided by the Islamic interpretation of the event. According to the Quran (this same fact is also stated in the Bible), Cain and Abel were both told to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. The Quran clarifies that the offering was to decide which of the brothers would marry Aclima. Aclima was Adam’s daughter and the prettier one among the two sisters. Abel gave the fattest of his sheep among the herd as an offering and Cain being a cheap farmer, offered only a bit of grass. The Lord accepted Abel’s offering and rejected Cain. Hence, it was decided that Abel would marry Aclima. Driven by jealousy and a want for revenge, Cain murdered his brother. The scholars have interpreted this in multiple ways. Some say that the devil told Cain to hit his brother on the head with a stone, or that the devil showed Cain how to do it by killing an animal with stone in front of him. After burying his dead brother Cain fled and married his wife, living his life with her until they died in Noah’s storm.

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