How did Bonnie and Clyde Died?

How did Bonnie and Clyde Died?

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  1. Bonnie And Clyde were a publicly famous American criminal couple. During the Great Depression, they traveled throughout the Central U.S. states along with their gang. Among their crimes, their bank robberies gained more attention when they preferred to rob small stores or gas stations in rural areas. Their travels became a part of the public eye as they often appeared in newspaper reports. However, the depictions of the gang in those stories were not entirely accurate.

    Bonnie Parker was born in 1910 in Rowena, Texas. She later moved to Dallas after her mother was widowed. In her teenage years, Bonnie met Roy Thornton and dropped out of school to marry him at age 16. The marriage ended (never officially annulled) as quickly as it had been arranged and Parker moved back with her mother and began work as a waitress.

    Clyde Barrow was a year older than his partner and was born in Ellis County, Texas. His family was a poor family of farmers. Barrow started life in crime relatively early. He was first arrested at age 17 for failing to return a rented vehicle when it was due. He was again caught for stealing turkeys along with his brother, Buck. While he did have some proper jobs, Barrow never gave up crime on the side. He continued to steal cars, crack safes, and rob stores. At age 19, he first met Parker through a mutual friend.

    On May 23rd, 1934, the couple was killed in a police ambush. Hamer, who was part of the Gibsland posse had been tracking the gang’s movements. He set up an ambush at the Louisiana State Highway. The men opened fire as Barrow’s vehicle approached. Barrow died instantly by a headshot and later Parker was shot dead as well, while in their car.

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