How did Bon Scott Die?

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  1. Bon Scott was the legendary lead singer from the hit Rock band AC/DC. He was involved in singing as well as writing a number of famous AC/DC songs during his era. The singer was born in Scotland but his family soon moved to Australia where he showed his initial interest in music. Scott learned the drums at an early age which led to him starting a band called Spektors and then further down the line joining the AC/DC.

    The AC/DC lead singer was a notorious drug addict. It was because of a drug scandal that he parted ways with his second band the Valentines. He apparently did not reform his ways and went on to consume drugs frequently. However, the events of his death led many to believe there was something else behind the singer’s death.

    On the 19th of February Bon Scott visited a club in London called the Music Machine. After his night out, Bon who was 33 at the time of his death, went to sleep in his friend’s car. Alistair Kinnear, Scott’s friend, later found him unresponsive. Bon Scott was taken to the King’s College Hospital, where he was deemed dead due to alcohol poisoning.

    However, this is one side of the story. According to some sources, Bon Scott had died on the morning of the 19th while Kinnear reported Scott dead by evening. Paul Chapman, UFO guitarist even claims that Joe Fury and Kinnear both were with the singer on the night before his death. There is another theory that claims there was a third and fourth person with the group, a woman by the name of Zena Kakoulli and her husband. In his book Bon: The Last Highway Jesse Fink says that the cause of death was Bon choking on his vomit due to heroin.

    Whatever the case may have been, it was on that sad day in 1980 that a legendary singer lost his life and left a legacy that was carried by his band members.

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