How did Bloody Mary Look?

How did Bloody Mary Look?

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  1. Bloody Mary is probably the most horrifying and well-known folklore around. The legend has been told in several ways throughout the years. According to one narration, if women hold a dimly lit candle and stare into a mirror, whilst climbing a flight of stairs they could see the face of their future husband. Or they could see a Red skull/Grim Reaper, indicating they would die before ever getting married. Other versions of the story tell that if a person repeatedly chants her name ( specified thirteen times in some places) in a mirror in a dimly lit room, Bloody Mary will appear and scratch up their face. She appears as a witch or corpse, often covered in blood.

    The actual story that this legend originated from is that of Queen Mary I. From a young age she hoped to gain the life and attention of her father but was unable to. Her name was also tarnished as she was titled as illegitimate and moved to the last in line for the throne which was her right. Despite these challenges, she ascended the throne at 37.

    Possibly the best depiction of the monarch is a portrait by Anthonis Mor. It shows her having reddish-brown hair and a fair complexion. The Venetian ambassador at her court described her as being very thin. She had a round face and large, white eyes and underlay a large, wide nose.

    She earned her title, Bloody Mary during the 1550s. She hoped to unite her people under the true religion of the land and signed an act in 1554, which resulted in 240 men and about 60 women to be burned at the stake as protestants. Through this, she earned the name Bloody Mary and became part of a legend known to all.

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