How did Benito Mussolini Die?

How did Benito Mussolini Die?

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  1. Benito Mussolini born in Italy was a journalist and leader of the National Fascist Party. He acted as the Prime Minister of Italy for 21 years until his deposition. Despite all this, he is more famous as a fascist Dictator, the first of many like Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco.

    Initially, Mussolini worked as a journalist for the Avanti! Newspaper. In 1912 he became a part of the Italian Socialist Party but was later removed as a result of differing opinions about World War I. After this, he founded his journal, Il Popolo d’Italia, and served in the Royal Italian Army during the war. In 1917, as he was discharged from service he laid the basis for the fascist movement.

    Mussolini vouched for Italian Nationalism as opposed to socialism and fought to remove the class difference. In October 1922, he Marched on Rome and became the youngest Prime Minister up until then. He then proceeded to expand his influence through the surrounding regions hoping to form a totalitarian state.

    Though Mussolini made several efforts to avoid a second World War, he sided with Germany and Japan, and eventually, World War II began, following Germany’s invasion of Poland.

    Italy officially entered the war in June 1940 and proceeded to lead attacks on the French territory and against the British Empire. He bombed and invaded several other areas in Africa and the Middle East. After the defeat of the Italian Army in Russia, Mussolini was removed as head of state and imprisoned. He was later rescued by the Germans and placed as the man in charge of northern Italy.

    By April 1945 as Mussolini sensed the defeat of the Germans, he planned to escape to Switzerland with his mistress. On the way, they were captured by Italian communist partisans and executed by firing squad near Lake Como.


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