How did Arya sneak up on the Night King and kill him?

How did Arya sneak up on the Night King and kill him?

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  1. Arya Stark is a prominent character from the hit fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. Arya is the youngest of her siblings and she belongs to the House Stark. Arya Stark was born and raised, albeit partially, in Winterfell – the castle in the North. She is a gutsy young girl who defies her mother by running away from lady-like chores and activities. Instead, she enjoys watching her brothers fight in the courtyard and wishes to clash swords with them one day.

    Arya’s wishes come true one day as she finds herself suddenly in the middle of a civil dispute that leads to the beheading of her father, Ned Stark. The Starks are branded enemies of the crown and the relationship between King’s Landing and Winterfell grows bitter. Arya has no other way to survive but to go in hiding. She is picked up by Yoren who cuts her hair short and leads her out of King’s Landing and danger.

    However, things take a violent turn, and Arya is left homeless. She wanders through the kingdom in search of a purpose and to train so she can avenge the death of her father and kill all the people that have hurt her and her family. It is on this voyage that she meets the Faceless Man. He teaches her the tricks to become faceless. The arc is pretty in-depth but has no detailed ending. We never find out why Arya suffered torture at the hands of the Faceless Man and why it was discussed in so much detail to later be cast away by the writers.

    Anyway, it is through her powers acquired from the Faceless Man that Arya can sneak up on the Night King unnoticed. It is only when she is nearby that the Night King recognizes her presence. He grabs her by the throat but Arya swiftly slips a knife into her free hand and stabs the King killing him instantly.

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