How did Angel dust die?

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  1. Hazbin Hotel is a musical animated American adult web series. The pilot episode was released in October 2019 and the series was officially picked up by A24 as a TV series in August 2020.

    The main focus of the series is Charlie, the princess of Hell. As a result of the number of demons and sinners who overpopulated Hell, Heaven follows a system of yearly cleansing and slays some demons to keep the numbers under control. Since Charlie has grown up in Hell, she feels strongly against this and opens up a rehabilitation hotel for the demons where they are taught to become better people and eventually end the yearly slaughter.

    Anthony, better known as Angel Dust is part of the main cast and was the first patient at the Happy Hotel. Angel Dust is a spider demon and took advantage of the hotel at first, using it as a rent-free living space. Angel can be described as a sassy,  carefree spirit. He enjoys jokes, practical or otherwise, with a particular affinity to dirty jokes. He holds a narcissistic personality and regards himself highly. Strangely, the only thing he dislikes about himself is his feet. He seems like an emotionless demon who does not care for anyone but deep down he holds the will to protect those close to him.

    Angel is seen as a tall and slim figure covered in fluffy white fur with pink details. A distinctive feature is a heart at the back of his head. He pays close attention to his looks and is a fluent speaker of English as well as the Italian language.

    In his human form, Angel Dust was born into a crime family in New York and died from a drug overdose. He earned his nickname name Angel Dust because the drug he overdosed on was phencyclidine (PCP).

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