How did Amber Hagerman Die?

How did Amber Hagerman Die?

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  1. Amber Hagerman was a regular playful 9-year old girl who loved riding the bicycle with her brother and enjoys various other activities like taking part in the scouts. She lived in Arlington Texas where she enjoyed cycling with her brother and on the evening of January 13, 1996, Amber Hagerman took permission from her grandparents for riding the bicycle and they didn’t give much thought before saying yes. However, she was told not to travel more than a block.

    Amber Hagerman along with her brother Ricky went outside and rode their bicycle towards an abandoned Winn-Dixie grocery store which was two blocks away from their grandparent’s house. Ricky got worried as they were a little far from their grandparent’s house and told her that he is going back but Amber insisted that she wants to stay a little longer. When Ricky came back his grandparents inquired about Amber and told him to get her as well. Ricky went back to the abandoned store but couldn’t find Amber.

    Reports suggest that as she was in the parking lot, a man appeared in a black pickup truck and forcefully put Amber into the cab of the truck and drove away.

    The only witness to this whole situation was Jimmie Kevil who reported that Amber fought and was kicking at the abductor as he stuffed her into the truck. Jimmie called the police when he witnessed the whole scenario and the search began quickly but no trace was found. 5 days later, a passerby saw the body of a young girl in a creek near the abandoned parking lot and turns out it was Amber Hagerman. Her throat was cut and she was sexually abused as well. Her killer was not found, however, her death game birth to the AMBER Alert which stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response.

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