How did Albert Lin lose his leg?

How did Albert Lin lose his leg?

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  1. Best known as the presenter of National Geographic’s “Lost Cities”, Albert Yu-Min Lin ( or Albert Lin for short) is a scientist and explorer.

    The 38-year-old scholar was a student at UCSD (University of California San Diego) and holds a Ph. D in material science. He started with the project “Valley of Khans” where he used drones and the aid of satellites along with old – fashioned exploration to try and discover the tomb of Genghis Khan. He has also applied similar tactics to other expeditions. Aside from these adventures he also co-founded a company. Taking video games as a medium and spread the love for science further. Along with other lecturers from UC San Diego Lin also launched the Centre for Human Frontiers trying to redefine human limits and how the capacity of a regular human can be enhanced with the aid of machines and technology.

    An unfortunate incident in 2016 brought this innovative explorer at a crossroads. While driving an off-road vehicle on private property he got into an accident. To try to regain his balance he stuck his foot out on instinct and ended up with his leg stuck under the vehicle. It shattered his leg bones and he had to get his leg amputated from the knee down. At that point he had to make a decision; whether to replace his leg with a prosthetic limb or in other words, if he should “go bionic”. After mulling over his choices for three weeks he chose the prosthetic and became known as “the bionic Indiana Jones”.

    While most may think his accident was tragic, Lin believes it redefined his perspectives on life and appreciate the things in his life and not take them for granted. After this accident, he has returned to the field and continues to pursue his interests.

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