How did Abby Die in five feet apart?

How did Abby Die in five feet apart?

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  1. Five feet Apart is a story about two teen lovers suffering from illness with their very lives at stake. It is based on a book by Rachael Lippincott. After Fault in Our Stars, this book tells another compelling and heartwarming story of two young lovers putting everything on the line only to experience a few moments of true happiness in their bleak lives consisting of tests, drugs, and hospital beds. This book was adapted into a movie in 2019 with the film wrapping up before the novel’s release in November. The main leads from the book are played by Cole Sprouse as Will and Haley Lu Richardson as Stella in the film.

    The youngsters suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that makes the patient vulnerable to lung infections. Due to the lethal tendency of cross-infection among Cystic Fibrosis patients, they are recommended to stay at least six feet apart from another person suffering from the disorder. Will and Stella are both victims of this terminal illness and must keep their distance for the sake of their health and lives. Their almost instant attraction makes the task difficult and they push the boundaries by growing five feet apart.

    Before meeting Will, Stella is shown as a careful and responsible girl who understands what she must do and why. She attempts to preserve her life and last as long as she can. She keeps her guards up and is possibly the least reckless person of all the other characters. The reason for the development of her caring demeanor is the life her sister Abbey spent. Abby was a free-spirited girl wanting to live life to its fullest. Attempting every possible experience of living the life she wanted even in a short time. While living that carefree life Abby dies in a cliff diving accident which Stella blames herself for.

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